Residential Services

At Cee-Jay Real Estate Development Corporation, our residential services cover a full spectrum of construction. Whether you desire a custom home built to your specific needs, a roof raise to give you that much needed additional space, or an alteration to modernize or change the layout of your home- WE DO IT ALL! Some of our clients’ needs are simple and others extravagant; no matter your taste or budget we have the methods, means, resources, and knowledge to get your job done and delivered on time.

In addition, we offer all facets of interior and exterior renovations including bathroom and kitchen replacements, basement finishing, roofing, stucco, stone, siding, or whatever you need. Our trade contacts and affiliates offer the highest quality materials and greatest selection available to satisfy even the most discerning customer at discounted prices. Any new materials, concepts or ideas are welcomed and embraced into a proposal to allow your home to stand out from others.

We don’t just build or renovate your house; we build you a home that will last problem free for decades to come. Home building and renovation at times can be very stressful and emotional, however, we have a format and time tested formula to make the whole process more endureable for our clients so you can enjoy and appreciate the process, not dread its every facet. Our sincere desire is to ensure that the most important asset in your life, and, of course, your most valuable one, is built with precision tools, materials and craftsmanship.

Please call us at any time so we can sit down and talk about bringing your dream home to reality.

Why Use Cee Jay Real Estate Development Corp.?